⮚  Carry out monitoring and surveys related to the standard of living, and social minimum approved by the state;

⮚  Assess citizen satisfaction with the social services provided;

⮚  Actively participate in the preparation of normative legal acts and development concepts in the relevant field;

⮚  Become one of the leading think tanks in the region.



Strategic areas:


 ⮚  Organization of monitoring and surveys for the assessment of actual situation in the labour market and social protection fields;

 ⮚  Define strategic employment areas of the labour market;

 ⮚  Prepare forecasts of demand for priority occupations and qualifications, the necessary skills and competencies in the labour market;

 ⮚  Conduct surveys and prepare proposals for the elimination of informal employment;

 ⮚  Analyse the adaptation of graduates to the labour market;

 ⮚  Ensure the study of best practices and preparation of proposals for the development of relevant fields;

 ⮚  Organise trainings for the improvement of expertise of the employees of the Ministry.



Core principles:


⮚  Ensure the rule of law;

⮚  Provide quality service;

⮚  Be open to changes and innovations.