Training and Development Center - acts as a training base of the Ministry. It serves to develop employee skills and knowledge by organizing trainings, courses, conferences and consultancy in accordance with the training and development needs of the Ministry staff and relevant institutions, as well as employees of other organisations and enterprises.


The Centre first assesses employees’ knowledge and identifies their training needs. The next step is to organize trainings on various topics to address existing gaps and shortcomings in this area.


Trainings serve to develop personnel policy, increase expertise and efficiency, as well as motivate employees.


The Training Centre closely cooperates with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and its subordinate institutions, takes joint measures to identify their employees’ training needs, organizes and coordinates professional development trainings, makes proposals regarding training of internal trainers and curriculum development in the relevant fields, and is directly involved in their implementation.


In addition, it provides commercial-based training services to a number of public and private enterprises and establishes mutual collaborations with local and international training vendors and suppliers.


Training provided at the Centre covers 5 main areas:

⮚ Management trainings;

⮚ Soft skills trainings;

⮚ IT trainings;

⮚ Functional Skills trainings;

⮚ General trainings.


The primary objective of the trainings organized by the Centre are:


⮚ Expansion and effective use of professional knowledge and skills of employees, increasing expertise and work efficiency;

⮚ Ensure the effective utilization and profitability of funds allocated for employee training and professional development;

⮚ Encourage employees to professional self-development and increase their professional knowledge, skills and competencies;

⮚ Improving service quality and citizen satisfaction;

⮚ Further strengthening of meritocracy in the Ministry system;

⮚ By developing personnel potential, increase the competitiveness of public legal entities under the Ministry with private sector.