The Analysis and Research Center is responsible for assessing the current and prospective state of the labor market and employment, identifying strategic employment areas in the labor market, their future development trends, assessing the demographic situation in the country and preparing relevant forecasts in this area, as well as providing the study of advanced country practices in the field of social protection of the population. performs the function of making and contributing to the preparation of economic reforms in the field of labor market and social protection as a whole.

The center conducts analysis and research in the following directions in the process of making relevant decisions related to labor market, employment, social protection and demography issues:

  • Study of advanced world experience in the field of labor market and social protection and presentation of relevant proposals for the country in this field;
  • Determination of the need for professions and skills, qualified personnel based on regular analysis of the labor market;
  • Development of demographic projections and forecasts of the country's population;
  • Researching gender issues, including women's participation in the labor market.

The target population of these research areas is covered by the following subjects depending on the purpose of evaluation and analysis in the relevant field:

  • State institutions;
  • Population groups;
  • Business establishments;
  • Civil society and non-governmental organizations;
  • University students and researchers.